Sep 7, 2009


what could be more fun than The Show Must Go On! - i seldom get pictures of my acts -- i get so intensely involved, which i love!
i once loved my tangly marionettes - still in a box somewhere - and the stage my daddy made for me. and hand puppets when i was librarian, i made my own from papier-mache. now even better, The Show Must Go On! thank goodness Osprey took me off the sordid streets of Second Life and trained me for her Unicyle and Knitting Drill Team before i got lured into who knows what...real estate, or scripting!
now writing acts, rehearsing and performing, getting the animations clicked on time, fighting lag, not falling off the stage, wagging my tail and or leaping at just the right moment in the Yak puppetry ever! and such great audiences, often they are funnier than the show itself! performers come together at 2 pm saturday west coast time, from the west coast, texas, europe, uk, and australia (where it is strangely sunday morning!) the rowdy audience is from all over the planet. the best time to gather from all over the world is 2 pm west coast time on saturday!
soon we will wind up the 2009 show and begin filming the 2008 show. don't miss out if you haven't seen it!

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