Nov 27, 2011

a long strange Sunday!

this morning i was the umdze and it was my first time leading the new long chants. 
then i had lunch with karen, always fun!
home in time to go to Raglan Shire's annual talent show - fun even tho i could not always get the audio to work.  i took no pictures, but i am sure there are hundreds posted by now!
then to Show and Tell in second life, my sunday ritual.  Barney and Flo have organized and hosted it for i think 6 years.  i've been going for almost 5 years.  this was the last one!  they want their sundays back after all this time.  very sad...i will miss being at the forefront of creativity and with the funnest audience anywhere! 
and then...Gianfar Peaks sims invited all dragons, & dracophiles, of whatever breed, genre, world, age or style, to a memorial service for Anne McCaffrey, beloved author of the Dragonriders of Pern stories, who passed away last week.
held at the Weyr Bowl at Shaula Weyr, dragons of all sizes, and other avatars of every stripe gathered to keen, as is the tradition in Pern. it was heartbreaking and perfect.  i did manage to take some crummy pictures of this awesome tribute: (click for youtube to see bigger)

Nov 19, 2011

omg news

mudpie reports she attended zayn & wynx's town hall meeting for tinies and was stunned by announcement that tinies and raglan shire are going to break out silly fun and friendliness to the world at large!  (and hopefully waffles too!)

here is a picture of the meeting
click to see bigger

...and here is a lnk to the next tiny thing - JAZZ PAWS
be sure to get a tshirt and send them all your spare change!


Nov 17, 2011

sky kine

in the morning mist
black cows fly through the trees
above the river

                            ~ mudpie

the problem with this haiku, dear mudpie, is that when you are famous and your haiku are in anthologies, this one will be corrected to say "black crows fly through the trees" by someone who assumes that "cows" is a typo.  and i suppose the title will be corrected to "sky king."


Nov 3, 2011

perfectlynormalbeasts detour past my house

grandma moses had the perspective nailed.
when i look across the back yard to the hill above the stream, it really does look like a flat 2 dimensional hill going straight up with black lines that are the tall riverbank trees.  
yesterday, while i was out doing mostly ineffectual bits of this and that to the mud left by Irene, i heard loud cow-calls and looked across at the hillside to see 4 large black muscular long horned cattle-things moving single file across the middle of the flat backdrop of the hill, right midway up in the trees. 
flying cows!  
and suddenly i remembered a dream from last week of huge black cattle flying through the trees, like some japanese movie.
one of them noticed me hunkering behind a tree trunk and flew down with bovine curiosity to close its muzzle over my hand.
i yelled as loud as i could to chase it off, and john shook me awake for my hollering.
in retrospect i think you are supposed to hit them on the nose.

click to enlarge

got camera barely in time to catch a straggler mooing after the others