Nov 11, 2014

A whale's memoir

i found some drafts of posts i never posted.  this one for some reason i was thinking that if a whale wrote a memoir it wouldn't be all that different from mine, even though at first i thought whales didn't do much but swim around and eat, but then that's what we do isn't it then?

A whales memoir would be the same as ours.  Where i was born, my early years, friends, parents, aunts, innocence and feeling safe until one day everything changed.  As an adult, new friends, finding a mate, starting a family or not, why i decided to try for a leadership role in the pod, or decided not to, and how that went.  The joy of my body, of movement, of the group, the beauty of the world, how i loved to  sing.  Great meals i had, interesting places we visited, strange sights we saw. Terrible danger i was in and how i survived, battles of  various kinds and what i learned from them and how i was hurt.  Would there be regrets and longings?  Sorrow at loss of mother, friends, siblings? Fear of death?