Aug 1, 2014

Mom and Dad Clocks Ticking Along at New House

I have two clocks that tick, one treasured by my mother, one made by my father.
My mother bought hers in an antiques shop near Annapolis when my brother was a baby. It was moved at least three times in Maryland, then to Florida and three more moves there, then mailed to me in Vermont, where I have moved it once now.  I had it in for repairs before the move, it had stopped, but it was nothing serious. Some of the wood decoration needed regluing, too. Now it works perfectly, except for two tiny missing wood bits, and one mysterious left over wood bit, oh and I haven't been able to calibrate the time, so it keeps relative time, But it ticks beautifuly and tocks too as the pendulum swings, and it bongs with a very lovely tone. Clocks like this are musical instruments, as much as is a violin's casing or a guitar's wood box.
The other clock Dad made from a computer circuit board, which he thought was beautiful, which  indeed it is, altho possibly toxic. He got a clock mechanism, a brushed aluminum display box frame, and made nice looking clocks for all us kids plus some for the church bazaar.  Mine has survived a number of moves, too, and then hung for years on my wall as art after it stopped working.  At this new house, I stuck in a battery just for the heck of it, and lo and behold, it started right up.  It ticks to count the seconds as electric clocks do.  Keeps good time, too!