Oct 30, 2013

the weather the weather the weather

dear friend

the weather as always is strange here where it's nearly november. 

our first snowflakes fall past my window.
this is not the strange part.

the strange part was yesterday eve they were haying across in the field.  

tractors and trucks with their summertime hum, 
loading the bales.

and our silver maple has taken a vow to renounce deciduosity. 

tho all other trees have turned red/gold and bare, 
she wears green.

Oct 23, 2013

the dangers of peanuts

you know that song "found a peanut?"
what's with that?
when i was a kid the common belief was that if you ate a bad peanut you'd die.
back then i never heard of anyone actually dying from eating a peanut.

but now it seems it does happen, and it's frightening.
not from rotten peanuts, but from deadly peanut allergy.

i wonder if that's how the song came about?  and people just blamed a bad peanut.
blech i've eaten bad peanuts sometimes you get one in a bunch, i conjure up the yucky taste just thinking about it.

Oct 21, 2013

the wiggle glass goes on to a new life

our windows have wiggly glass.  
because they are very old -- from back before. 
if you look through them and move your head, the grass, trees, hills, clouds wiggle and wave!

we want to be warmer in vermont winters, now that we're old and seem to feel colder, so we're having some of them replaced with double pane tight fitting new windows.  i'll miss the wiggle glass.

our carpenter was planning to take the old double hung wood windows to be discarded. but our town recently got enrolled in Front Porch Forum, and now we can send messages to well over 100 of our neighbors, and the group is growing!  so i posted about the windows last week, and they've all been taken.  YAY!

some will be part of a sugar house, making up the front of it, so you will see the owner inside boiling down his sap, all wiggly hee hee.  some will go in a new barn being built.  isn't it wonderful?

the carpenter doesn't know -- he left before the windows were picked up.  it'll be fun to tell him, since we just had a long talk about death and the bardo and rebirth.

Oct 15, 2013

Juggling revisited

years ago i concluded i would never be able to ride a unicyle (outside of Second Life) or go to clown school, but with the help of a juggling book, i could learn to juggle.  
i gave it a year and then concluded it was an inborn skill -- especially when i met scott who could juggle as if he were born to it, and apparently hadn't had to learn it at all! 
unlike most everyone i know, i LIKE the circus.  ok ok i know, the animals, i did give it up until the new circus movement sans exotic animals. 
so i'm reading The Ordinary Acrobat: A Journey into the Wondrous World of the Circus, Past and Present by Duncan Wall, and savoring it. 
i'm up to the chapters on juggling, history and present, and got out my beanbags for another try. as Duncan learns, he gets some tips from the pros, like concentrate on the TOSS.  that really helps! and chanting the rhythm outloud.
maybe i'll give it another year.

Farewell to my summer wardrobe

banishing short pants
to the attic until spring
a tearful goodbye.