Sep 15, 2012

garden buddha & squirrel

the little kid who came 
a few years ago to our door
pushing a lawn mower he barely topped,
and asked if we wanted to hire him to mow our lawn, 
is now a big tall kid!  
strong enough to pick up the picnic table 
to move it out of the way of his new riding lawn mower
and mow several lawns in town and out, 
and the library as well!  
he's a good businessman, and now 
that he's old enough to be driving (legally) (yes, we've recognized you) 
he mentioned that he's twice failed to pass the test to get his license.  
but since then, 
he did pass it. 
i'm not asking and he's not saying, 
but i did notice someone left a 25 cent piece on our garden buddha.


Sep 8, 2012

early one saturday morning

me:       what's all that noise in there!?
hank:    dis box had spider innit mebbe
me:       who's going to pick up all those styrofoam pellets and put them back in that box!
hank:    i haz to wash dis foot now

Sep 7, 2012

summer's end

labor day was summer blue and pink
shy autumn played around the edges
tuesday never dawned
cold rain down your back

and rain and rain and rain and rain
and i opened my eyes to dreams of yellow pencils
and the smell of paper wrappers on crayons
chalk dust squeak

oh to be in second grade
and the cold rain falling
my new desk shines smooth under warm lights
and my teacher is so beautiful!

Sep 6, 2012

castle cats

lucy's second life cat went missing.
i finally rezzed another one
fluffy turned up lost in the castle!
now there are two, fluffy and fussby.

they play together -- and when lucy's not online
they really like getting lost in the castle.
lucy put some chairs down to block the door
it works!

Sep 4, 2012

getting away for the day

Labor Day monday
a beautiful day!
sunny, breezy, not too hot, not too cool

in the morning,
cars headed north with kayaks on the roof
and cars headed south with kayaks on the roof

cars with bicycles on the roof drove north
and cars with bicycles on the roof drove south

later bicyclists bicycled by going north
and more going south

in the evening it all reversed.