Sep 9, 2014


many many years ago i spent happy hours in Second Life and started this blog as my Second Life blog.  gradually SL changed and people more and more used their SL as an extension of their first life, instead of a way to play with personalities, bodies, worlds totally different.  my blog too became a blog of my first life, mostly because my FL became more interesting and i spent less time in SL.  the last couple of years i've spent almost no time in SL, but kept my land, my houseboat, my stuff, because i loved it.  but yesterday i finally did it.  in the interest of not spending money on something i don't even use, i gave up my houseboat, abandoned my land, and reduced my avatars down from premium to freebie accounts. 
this was soooo sad!  especially taking all my stuff out of my cozy houseboat... my plants, my bed, my tea set, my woodstove. 
but now i feel liberated!  i can go into SL and wander homelessly as i did when i was a noob, sleeping in parks, changing clothes in libraries, wandering into people's weddings.  i don't even know if there are still libraries in SL.
now that i pay nothing for SL, we'll see if i use it more!