Apr 25, 2013

brown brown brown

for years i've used a particular eye medicine to control glaucoma.  works fine, and has LOL in the name, so it must be good!

now comes the suggestion that i switch to a newer drug, which doesn't make your eyes dry.
and it's not a beta blocker.
and i wonder if i might have less (make it stop!!) tinnitus, fewer crazy dreams? 
don't know.

here's the thing about the newer drops...
it darkens your eye color.
so me with hazel/green eyes would end up with BROWN EYES.
not reversible.

who would i even be with BROWN EYES???

one of my friends said "I've had brown eyes all my life...not a problem."
and i say "Easy for YOU to say!"

if there were a medicine that turned brown eyes green, i'll bet she be on it in a flash.

brown eyes.

yeah, right.

Apr 17, 2013

spring week - and other oddities

this is how spring came over the last few days:

day 1  full cover snowfall
day 2  melting, swollen river
day 3  robin evensong
day 4 peepers loud at dark

day 5 crocuses
day 6 ants in the cat's dish
day 7 bright sun and open windows

the week before, on my way south, security confiscated and destroyed my unopened (forgotten about) raspberry soy yogurt from my carryon.   my penknife was allowed.  the yogurt was deemed more of a threat.