Apr 25, 2013

brown brown brown

for years i've used a particular eye medicine to control glaucoma.  works fine, and has LOL in the name, so it must be good!

now comes the suggestion that i switch to a newer drug, which doesn't make your eyes dry.
and it's not a beta blocker.
and i wonder if i might have less (make it stop!!) tinnitus, fewer crazy dreams? 
don't know.

here's the thing about the newer drops...
it darkens your eye color.
so me with hazel/green eyes would end up with BROWN EYES.
not reversible.

who would i even be with BROWN EYES???

one of my friends said "I've had brown eyes all my life...not a problem."
and i say "Easy for YOU to say!"

if there were a medicine that turned brown eyes green, i'll bet she be on it in a flash.

brown eyes.

yeah, right.

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