Apr 26, 2011

april 23 easter in ogunquit

we look at each other and at the falling snow
should we go?
the crocuses vanished!

the car slides on the road even before we are out of the village.
we drive on eastward slowly! cautiously!
finally -- behind a salt and sand truck
slow but not slippery.
into new hampshire it is 33 degrees --
a slippery road temperature -- and snowing.
it lets up for a bit, but then before concord
even deeper snow. on we go.

finally it is 35 and a freezing rain.
gradually, gradually, the land is lower
the trees shorter, the ground flatter
"i smell the ocean" says john.

the bridge, the state of maine,
its motto "maine --cold, but damp"
the hotel, a good dinner.

next morning winter's fist unclenches
its open hand offers bright sunshine!

long rolling waves, the marginal way,
children in easter clothes go barefoot on the beach

coats are shucked in surprise!
a perfect day!  are we really in maine?
more fishy meals consumed
we sit with the coatless many --
where did they all come from?? --
click to enlarge!
in late afternoon sun watching the ocean

  and the next morning
in bitter wind and icy rain.
we start for home.
and along maine's shore road,
forsythia has bloomed!

Apr 19, 2011

mjane & lucy

it's nice that my alts get along. here mjane and lucy discuss a table and chairs lucy wants to borrow for her new cafe. mjane is happy to help out!

Apr 16, 2011

fire drill

when the smoke alarm earsplittingly clangs 
there's not much chance of finding cats.
they be gone!
when the fire engine pulls up to the house
and the firemen stomp in
clanking and clumping in their monstery gear and gadgetry
you'll never find a cat however hard you look.
and should you spy one under the bed
you'll never get it out and boxed.

i'm thinking of having fire drills for the cats.
put some of their very very favorite treat
in the cat carrier
which we'll keep open by the door
then turn on the fire alarm.

or maybe turn on the alarm first,
then turn it off and put treats in the carrier?
what do you think?
then if it sounds for real
will they run to the carrier?

Oh and you are probably wondering, but no, i'm sorry to say i didn't think of it until too late, to ask the firemen "would you like something to read?"

Apr 6, 2011

in defense of northern spring on April sixth

a friend in maryland emails:
Sympathy to you both......my lilacs are blooming and the purple martins have returned with nesting materials in their carpetbags.....82 degrees yesterday

my maine friend responds:
Ah, but talk to us in July or August, when WE'RE at 82 degrees 

and i am seized with inspiration and my love for the north and my annoyance with those who think we are somehow held here against our will and are to be pitied, and i emal back:

or talk to us now!
when snowflakes are falling
and the white hills with their bare black trees
backdrop for the fields, white with brown showing
and vernal pools form where soon
frogs will thaw - riotously desperately fatally mating
yelling their heads off about it

and talk to us now
while the streams crash and thunder
as boulders moved by the roaring waters
are fueled by the melting ice
that crashes into the bridges sending the river over the land
and the birds maddened in their homecoming excitement
trill and call raucously all day
in the misty air of the hot sun on the cold snow

i've learned to love a wilder spring
not the generous ripening sort
from my southern childhood
all perfume and soft breezes
now i love the crazed dance
of a crooked crone and her consort
staving off death
dancing wild and desperate
clamouring for life
drinking the cold maple sap
straight from the bucket

That'll tell 'em

Apr 4, 2011

catching up with my second life!

i have gotten better at remembering to take snapshots in Second Life but then forget to post them here! so this is catch-up time (i don't really spend all my time in SL).
there was carnival back in feb or march - serious business in some of the roman sims!
too bad i don't speak italian, but i could dance anyway!

while searching for a carnival costume, i found this - i wanted to be snoopy, but for obvious reasons, i had to be lucy!

a friend and i explored the Unfairgrounds fair - a fund-raiser for cancer or something- it was pretty good but could have been lots better!  i think people created a scene of their worst nightmare! but mostly lacked good ghastly endings.

my favorite - click to enlarge!

and i have become a groupie going to live performances by Bubbac and the Bubbettes, who does a mean Elvis show...great voice and guitar and believe me he knows all the songs!  apparently he is an Elvis performer in 'real life' too.
the bubbettes are not usually so overdressed for SL :-)