Apr 4, 2011

catching up with my second life!

i have gotten better at remembering to take snapshots in Second Life but then forget to post them here! so this is catch-up time (i don't really spend all my time in SL).
there was carnival back in feb or march - serious business in some of the roman sims!
too bad i don't speak italian, but i could dance anyway!

while searching for a carnival costume, i found this - i wanted to be snoopy, but for obvious reasons, i had to be lucy!

a friend and i explored the Unfairgrounds fair - a fund-raiser for cancer or something- it was pretty good but could have been lots better!  i think people created a scene of their worst nightmare! but mostly lacked good ghastly endings.

my favorite - click to enlarge!

and i have become a groupie going to live performances by Bubbac and the Bubbettes, who does a mean Elvis show...great voice and guitar and believe me he knows all the songs!  apparently he is an Elvis performer in 'real life' too.
the bubbettes are not usually so overdressed for SL :-)

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