Mar 24, 2011

almost famous

a mystery picture appears in the alumni magazine - a girl on a skateboard. barefoot, madras jacket, flying down a campus sidewalk.
the magazine asks "If you know who this girl is please let us know."

the grainy black & white picture is from the 60s, like 1964 or 1966.
who knew from skateboards! 
someone knew.

someone's surfer brother had made it from rollerskate wheels.
sister brought it to college and mostly just rolled up and down the long halls.

sister's pretty blond barefoot friend tries it outside on a gorgeous day 
on a looong sidewalked hill - a smile of delight on her face, hair lifted by the breeze -
someone took a picture!

years later the picture turns up!

now the secret identity is revealed.
girl becomes famous - the girl on the skateboard!
eventually a book is written, a stage play, then a musical, then...hollywood!

at the oscars, many years later,  the actress strides across the stage to accept her award.
an overdressed crone in the audience lifts herself up by her walker and yells 
(this is the sister yelling - see paragraph 3)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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