Apr 16, 2011

fire drill

when the smoke alarm earsplittingly clangs 
there's not much chance of finding cats.
they be gone!
when the fire engine pulls up to the house
and the firemen stomp in
clanking and clumping in their monstery gear and gadgetry
you'll never find a cat however hard you look.
and should you spy one under the bed
you'll never get it out and boxed.

i'm thinking of having fire drills for the cats.
put some of their very very favorite treat
in the cat carrier
which we'll keep open by the door
then turn on the fire alarm.

or maybe turn on the alarm first,
then turn it off and put treats in the carrier?
what do you think?
then if it sounds for real
will they run to the carrier?

Oh and you are probably wondering, but no, i'm sorry to say i didn't think of it until too late, to ask the firemen "would you like something to read?"

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