Oct 15, 2013

Juggling revisited

years ago i concluded i would never be able to ride a unicyle (outside of Second Life) or go to clown school, but with the help of a juggling book, i could learn to juggle.  
i gave it a year and then concluded it was an inborn skill -- especially when i met scott who could juggle as if he were born to it, and apparently hadn't had to learn it at all! 
unlike most everyone i know, i LIKE the circus.  ok ok i know, the animals, i did give it up until the new circus movement sans exotic animals. 
so i'm reading The Ordinary Acrobat: A Journey into the Wondrous World of the Circus, Past and Present by Duncan Wall, and savoring it. 
i'm up to the chapters on juggling, history and present, and got out my beanbags for another try. as Duncan learns, he gets some tips from the pros, like concentrate on the TOSS.  that really helps! and chanting the rhythm outloud.
maybe i'll give it another year.

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