Sep 4, 2009

they had the wings to go

last night i was reading by lamplight on the porch when a corner of my mind caught a distant sound.
soon closer and louder.
i looked up -- it was dark.

i turned off the light and oh, it wasn't dark at all.
a round orange moon sat above the hills brightening the sky.

LOUDER! oh NOOOO it's only SEPT 3 you CAN'T GO!
i ran outside to the grass.
strung out across the sky LOUDER AND LOUDER AND LOUDER!
joyful eager and ready to go, exulting as only they can - they flew above the house!
i looked up and down the street - no one else ran out to stand witness on the grass.
gone -- now out of sight over the roof.
i listened them out of hearing and waited.
only the crickets sounded in the clear chilly moonlight.

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