Sep 10, 2009

The Sun Magazine

if i had to give one up, The Sun Magazine or The New Yorker, which would it be?
it's as hard as the pizza vs ice-cream question.
i love The Sun Mag -- all these years with no advertising, excellent b&w photography, stories real and made up but always true that if nothing else always have heart and soul and sex drugs and rock n roll, and best of all, the interviews!
once laredo saw me reading The Sun at work and looked at me oddly "You read Sun Magazine?" (emphasis on the YOU) -- like it was a secret cult he smugly belonged to.
what's with that? you mean everyone doesn't like their morning cheerios sometimes seasoned with tears?
the sept interview is with Janine Benyus, a surprising person changing the world.
anyone who ever asked "what would mother nature do to make plywood stick together better?" should read about it in the Sept issue of The Sun.

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