Sep 13, 2009

still in recovery, rebounding

Ernie drives his red antique tractor down the main street to turn into the fields to get the hay. I watch sitting on my front porch, on the silt and scree and boulders and soil the glacier left -- you can tell this was a deep wide river during the meltdown -- looking across the street between the church cars and the neighbor's junky yard i see the field, flat to the eastern line of hills, which, made of some harder stuff, didn't wash away. The tractor's so well tuned I can barely hear it from here. They must miss him at the county jail, now looks like he has a job working for Andrew Hall, British collector of old farms. Ernie's grown his hair and beard wild, long & Jesus styled, with a Hell's Angels bandanna round his head, and LOL his cell phone held to one ear.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous... I wish I were there too, with a cold beer and some nachos to munch :)