Sep 6, 2009

It was a sci fi movie btw, we did a storyboard and everything and some 'special effects' too! No tinfoil was harmed.

Two guys came across the grass - it was Tony the librarian and a tall sturdy fellow. "Guess who this is!"
It's Tim, from a hundred years ago when 5 had a name and I was the local librarian and volunteered to make movies with the 'gifted and talented' kids at the 3 room grade school.
And now, OMG, I am that librarian you know the one "There was this librarian when I was a kid and if it hadn't been for the library..."
So here's Tim grown up and visiting from out of state and they have a dusty metal flat canister Tony found for him in the library attic. Tim holds it out hopefully...
"is this the movie we made? remember?"


  1. That's awesome! Can we see the movie, please?

    I've always said schools are time machines - actually any work with children influences the distant future.

  2. Tim is hoping to convert the movie to something that doesn't require a projector, fun as they are. So...maybe!