Sep 11, 2009

farewell to my secret garden

my garden in Higgins is no more! such a peaceful place of beauty with one disruptive raven (made by barney). you could get a ride if you could catch on to its feet. and two chirping birds, a radio (a show & tell giveaway that actually got a dozen stations), and one of pandora's magic doors that wormholed you up up to my gypsy caravan on the hill. i've moved my caravan to a barren bluff in Skye overlooking a lovely tropical beach with a coral reef beneath turqouise water. one of the prettiest spots in second life, thanks to my friend and neighbor karuna who has beautified it from the bleak coast it was originally. i couldn't resist putting up a cannon on my bluff to shoot myself out into the bay. i've met 4 or 5 of the neighbors and ridden my horse around some of the Skye sims where alex continues to bring forth exciting landscapes and flora and his specialty, castles. i do fear this is no place to bring my cat, as he is the sort who will fall off the cliff or wander into the ocean, being programmed to behave very much like a cat and randomly ignore the limits you have set him at. maybe one of my friends will take him on. i hate to confine him to a house.


  1. Could you make a series of invisible barriers to stop him, yet allow an av to walk over?

  2. Good idea! I'm testing a cat fence.