Sep 3, 2009

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

At the pharmacy buying vitamins. The pharmacist hears my voice comes out from behind his shelves of pills saying "this is a really great book! you have to get John to read it!" and lots more about the book and the author. Ringing up my sale, Chris agrees enthusiastically. Two doors down, at the book shoppe , Kelley moves the cat and pulls the trade paperback off the shelf for me ("the next one is out now, too" she shows me a hardcover - 2nd in the series of 3). I take book one to John who says "oh but you know i am in the middle of a couple of books" reads cover and then "i'll take a look at the first page."Since then i have not seen him without The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in front of him! and going on about how great it is. It's like when he discovered The Emperor of Ocean Park and couldn't put it down or stop raving about it. But he says this one inspires him to write, where as The Emperor made him feel he should give it up.

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  1. book has now worked its way on to me, i started it, but can see already it is not a book i really want to read! so i'm going to skip to the end 'cause i've read enough to want to know how it turns out.