Nov 9, 2009

november walk

yesterday at some time after 3 i decided to go for a walk.
the sun was sitting right on top of the western hills.
POP! down it went and the street was in shade. how can it do that so early!
dusk comes early to us valley dwellers.
the fields to the east were still bright, and i headed out across the alfalfa stubble with quick steps.
the sounds of the village grew fainter, the low sun warmed my back.
by the time i reached the soft trickle and rustle by the stream at the foot of the woods, my breathing was slow and deep, my mind was still, peace had settled onto me.
i remembered when i was a deer, stepping mindfully along on my skinny legs, like i do now, quiet like a prey animal, alert and happy.
i loved living in the woods, loading up on all the autumn nuts and apples i could find,
searching out a winter yard of pine needles under the evergreens. thinking of the bitter bark i'd chew in february.
the sun dropped lower behind the dark western hills.
or did the earth turn?
the shadow crept across the field.
time to turn back toward the cluster of buildings, tiny in the palm of the valley.

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