Nov 21, 2009

Lucy cooks beans and finds Mycroft

turkeys crossing the road with Thanksgiving right on their's a sign!
i'll blog about food!
let us (heehee) begin with one of my favorite food groups, a favorite around the world -
it makes a complete protein (says Diet For a Small Planet) and
like buddhism, takes on the local flavor wherever it finds itself.
oh sure, there are many kinds of rice in the world,
but that's nothing - NOTHING I TELL YOU - compared to the beauty and variety of BEANS!
which reminds me, speaking of cooking, and also of beans,
i have found THURSDAY NEXT's UNCLE MYCROFT!! (inventor of the entropy detector)!
he has changed his name and is living in Seattle!
read it for yourself...who else could it be??
a few quotes: eclectic array of speculative and potentially world-changing ideas — inventing a new battery, taming hurricanes, defeating disease. And here, along with the laser designed to shoot mosquitoes out of the air (a high-speed camera counts the rate of wing-flapping to ensure that innocent insects are not vaporized), is the best-equipped restaurant kitchen anywhere that never serves any customers...
...They also demonstrated cryoseared duck breast, a technique that calls for implements not typically found in a kitchen: a small satchel of loose metal, dry ice, dog hair brush...

shhh don't give him away!


  1. good one! he must have been visiting from the Holmes books into the NYT. did anyone reading a Sherlock Holmes mystery on Nov 17 notice that he was missing from it?