Nov 25, 2009

mmmm fresh pine

why my delight at
trucks filled with christmas trees?
i don't like christmas!


  1. The idea of a winter celebration is good. If people spent time, not money, on they family and friends it would be lovely. The coporate pwning of the populace means they are just a herd of cows to be milked, and they go along with it willingly for some reason. Part of it is the controlling power of fear, part is the really egregious food supply which keeps people at a level of partial illness all the time, part is the way "they" create a society of competition not collaboration, and so forth. People don't need to be so stupid, though.

  2. are you sure about that? 'splain that to Lucy! MAYBE PEOPLE DO NEED TO BE STUPID! did people vote for George Bush? ARE PEOPLE BUYING SARAH PALIN'S BOOK? HOW CAN YOU SAY oh sorry...people don't need to be shouting at each other too, i suppose.

  3. I wish I believed in the fucking rapture - the idea of all those horrid people poofing one day is so appealing.

  4. Dear Santa Claus,
    I have been a very good girl this past year, and as I've never asked you for anything much I thought I'd take the liberty of outlining my needs in case you are feeling generous.

    1. All people who believe in torture, George Bush, and so on should disappear.
    2. People with no empathy and kindness should disappear.
    3. People who are greedy should disappear.

    Well, that's a start. I don't want to burden you as I know you have a lot to do (do this first and the rest of your burden will be lighter, though).

    Osprey Therian

  5. oh and what about people who believe in torturing George Bush?