Nov 17, 2009

in which the lost is found and someone learns more about the meaning of 'real'

hooray hooray oh frabjous day the lost owner is found!
two weeks ago i found a kitty doll by the road as i walked through a road cut, no houses nearby at all, just woods and rocks.
something about it told me it was loved and missed. i made some handbills, added my phone number and took one to the village store. they kept it right on the counter...this was important!
and on sunday, the phone rang...yes! "my daughter was visiting from Connecticut and this is my grandchild's favorite toy! they got home and called me..'is it there? do you have it? where is it?'... but we had no idea where it had gone."
yesterday i took it to the store to be mailed back to it's own christopher robin.
the happy grandmother said "i've never thought much about it if i found a toy, but believe me, i will now!"

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