Nov 10, 2009

medical advice

someone recently asked me for advice about colds, probably because i play a doctor in a vaudeville show in a virtual world.
in fact, here is a picture of me taken by a fellow thespian, Headburro Antfarm...
no...wait...that's a closeup of my stethoscope during the hallowe'en show
here it is...
and here is how Dr Lucy deals with colds:                                            if around people with a cold - i drink lots of echinacea tea.
if i feel like i might be getting one - zinc!
zinc cough drops have just a teeny bit of zinc, might be first line of defense.
zinc tablets, esp if throat is sore... i put them under my tongue. don't do this on an empty stomach. they taste awful and make anything you eat soon after seem not to taste right.
also i escalate to zycam, i think it is called, which is zinc stuff you squirt in your nose...this really really works! ...and one paid me to say this :(

if i still get a cold, of course i drink lots of water and juice and i get a box of chicken broth (organic, free range ... chickens are people too) and add green chilis and tons of garlic all cut up, and just make it hot and drink all day like tea.
keep taking zinc.
and hot lemonade with whiskey and honey in it is good especially before bed.
unless i have a fever, tylenol (acetaminophen) works better than ibuprophen or aspirin for some reason.

what? it wasn't funny? well better luck next time!


  1. You need Raoul to rub that chest with warm engine oil...

  2. and asafoetida is great for tummy


  3. thank you both. i will add those suggestions to the list.

  4. hey ms lucy, if you feel a cold coming on, you could also try Umcka, which is amazingly effective and comes in liquid form; a dropperful several times a day and the cold never arrives!

  5. oh thanks! i'll look for this. all the zinc makes refrigerator magnets stick to me