Dec 7, 2009

working within the law

Liz does not allow her cats to put their feet on the table. yes, this raises many questions, but i'm thinking cats don't have that much imagination. 
in fact, cats believe that if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, it's because at that moment no one actually exists.
one morning last week, Liz spilled a bit of milk on the table while having breakfast. 

she has way more imagination than a cat, and was able to pick up her floppy cat, not her stiff cat --  that never would have worked -- and holding it like a football, or maybe a bagpipe, use it as a sort of vacuum cleaner. 
she held all its feet under it, not touching the table, but tipped it's head down to the milk so it could lap it all up.
worked great she said!

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