Dec 27, 2009

what did you do for christmas?

A second life story:

last year after christmas i was walking around in some of the winter builds...they are gorgeous, cities, forests, mountains, all snowly with ice skating places and warm fires and sparkly ice. I thot it would be fun to have x country skis, so I went to a ski resort -- Austria -- to find some, and had this conversation:

Stranger: are you here for the discussion?
me: who me? I am just looking around. what is the discussion?
S: On what did you do for christmas and new years.
me: (thinking this is the lamest discussion topic i have EVER heard of in Second Life, and feeling a little sorry for her) Well, i have to leave soon, but how was your christmas?
(i sit down on the bench with her)
S: Oh it was fun!  We had carolling and everything. Where are you from?
Me: vermont
(this led to a discussion of where that was, how much snow we had, the temperature, etc.)
Me: where are you?
S: India

we explored christmas customs in India and in the US for a bit. I said when i went carolling people were watching TV and dint even know we were there. She said "We make them come to the door, and we give presents to the children and tell them stories of Jesus."
(I sensed from pauses in her typing that she might be translating)

S: And everyone makes a big crib for their house.

after some confusion i realize this means what we call a creche or manger scene. I told her we did not put them in parks or schools because not everyone was christian.

me: and actually I am buddhist.
S: I am Hindu, but i love jesus.
me: i love jesus too!

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