Dec 14, 2009


All families have their running gags.
(indian boy - "Mrs Gag, can little Running come out to play?")

One of ours is a kind of tourette's joke. It results in involuntary shouting.
Based on a truly stupid joke, it just sticks in your brain and never goes away.
Here's a version of the joke:

A kid is watching a drummaker and asks what the tops of the drums are made of.
The drummaker replies "Hide."
The kid looks around nervously "WHAT?"
The drummaker says impatiently "Hide! Hide! The cow's outside"
The kid says "I'm not afraid of a cow!"

OK. dumb joke. but the ongoing effect is...
whenever you hear the word HIDE
you have an overwhelming urge to shout "HIDE HIDE THE COW'S OUTSIDE!"

This has happened to me, and to my son (not a child) and perhaps others in the family.

People mostly ignore it
and try to pretend you didn't actually shout anything
or at least not at them.

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