May 4, 2010

strange happenings in second life

recently, in early april, a major dramatic erasure occurred in Rodeo. As part of the loss, the Eleanor Theatre, home of The Show Must Go On, was destroyed, and objects there returned to the inventory of whoever owned them. as Salazar Jack reported "The officers of the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust have begun deliberations on how to proceed following the dramatic erasure that occurred in Rodeo recently. As of this morning Linden Lab has stated that, “...we cannot complete your rollback request. Region [Rodeo] is a mainland island and rollbacks are only able to be performed on private islands." The Trust continues its' own investigation into the incident and will be providing its' data and findings to the Trust group as soon as possible."

stored backstage in the theatre, before everything went boom, was an object that i was the nominal owner of  -- the large particle accelerator Osprey had made for her nearly nude dance number. this came hurtling back into my inventory. it's really hers, but she assigned it over to me so i could move it out on the stage while she stripped down to a few strings. (must be string theory).
 i was concerned about having such a dangerous object in my inventory, so to get rid of it, and allow others to admire its beauty, i set it up in a field belonging to a friend of mine. here's a picture of it, altho it looks much prettier if you can see it spinning. i had complained to osprey, but her reply was this:
"Oh, dear! Did I somehow make it so that you had to own that incredibly dangerous piece of machinery so you could move it for my act, then just now returned it to you so it now festers in your inventory instead of mine? SO SORRY! I'm not sure how that happened!
*covers smile with hand while pretending to be surprised*"

hmmph. well now it was on Karuna's land. where it spun prettily until sometime last saturday when apparently Karuna's land went BOOM too, and this hole in the ground, this is all that is left! (there was a lovely 3 story house there, hills, a field, a swimming pool...all gone!) a rollback may be possible here, as it is private land. here's how it looks now:

coincidence? you be the judge.


  1. Lucy, I don't recognise that "particle accelerator" - are you sure it's not something you picked up at a white elephant sale? I really don't think the damage you are reporting has anything to do with me.

    Superficially it looks similar, but it definitely isn't the one I gave you. Just watch it spin - it isn't the same at all. Round and round...

    When I snap my fingers you will awake refreshed, and not rememember anything about this highly dangerous piece of machinery.


  2. Luce, this is how I ended up with a room full of giant flowers that attract giant bees from miles around to come and sting me!


  3. Hmmm... the Eleanor Theatre was located in the Phobos region, not Rodeo, and was dismantled some time before the Rodeo incident occurred at the end of April. Unless, somehow, that accelerator managed to alter time and space to affect an area in a different spatial/temporal location.