May 17, 2010

more strangeness

i wish i had actually made an entropy detector, i could have tested it yesterday.
how many people actually sit down and write a letter to someone by snail mail? i sure don't get many...a card now and then with a note on it ...that's about it.
yesterday, sunday, a beautiful spring day at last, although there was another hard frost last night, friends called in the morning and then drove over to our house. they brought a letter they had gotten (hand-written!) in the mail. they wanted john's opinion.
that done, we spent half the day digging up perennials to share with them.
after they'd gone, and after i had been a duck-on-a-bike in a second life parade, another friend called. he then came by with a letter (hand-written) he had gotten and wanted john's opinion.
low entropy? i think so!
i should have bought a lottery ticket!

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