May 10, 2010

some snow early sunday and some more late last night

and this isn't really a poem, i just write this way

at 6 pm saturday night
out back i saw the small rain,
the pale light spring rain
a curtain of fine rain

the sun had slipped below clouds
and shining through the drops,
lit them like some rain of gold.

i ran to the front
looked to the east
to the field and hills
and there it was... a rainbow!

entranced, absorbing its magic
i...but where's my new camera!
ran back
and the rainbow was gone.
at 6 am sunday morning
out front i saw white blossoms
of no
what's falling is ...snow.

a surprise gift for sunday's early risers
the meditators and turkey hunters
later in the morning we meet at the store
buying coffee we smile at each other

did you get your turkey?
did you get enlightened?
did you see the snow?

we smile like people who share a secret
the secret that the world is wonderful
and we are part of it

clouds at play today 
click to enter picture :-)

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