May 14, 2010

spring birds and snow birds

yes, my poppet, the birds are back!
remember when we watched flocks of geese flying overhead? now the pretty warblers are back too, and the snowbirds.
what's that? you want to be a bird? 
in this life, someday you can be a snowbird.
oh yes, my dear, the snowbirds can fly.
they love the sun and follow the long days. in the spring they flock together to fly north and spend summer where days are long; but not so far north that they will be very cold!
in winter when days grow short, they fly back south, but not so far south that they will be in strange and dangerous lands.
do we see them fly overhead?
sometimes we do, but mostly they are above the clouds, and in an airplane.
not long ago, i had the great good luck, i will show you a picture dear, to witness a large flock in florida just getting ready to board their plane -- heading north to connecticut!
more than 15 of them had gathered in one flock, in their spring colors, all in a line, ready to fly!

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