Feb 5, 2010

you are what they feed you

Last night i watched a movie called Food, Inc.

In some ways I think everyone should watch it.
On the other hand, I'm not sure everyone should.

It is very much like a science fiction tale of the 'future', except that in science fiction you are horrified even though it is not real -- although to some extent you realize it is.

Food, Inc is horrifying in much the same way. Oh, and it is real.
So if you like scary movies...this one's for you!

You need this information.
Not to make you feel bad about yourself and the choices you make, you are the victim not the perpetrator in this story.
Information however unpleasant, provides choices. Knowing more, you can recognize times when you have a choice, and make the one you need to make at the time. Only you know what that is.

It's one thing to decide you are going to eat bacon now and then, despite all you know about it. It's another to ignore and even condone the passage of laws that result in millions of people having no choice but to eat total crap that ultimately sickens them.
Children shouldn't watch this.

You can get a copy here http://www.foodincmovie.com/

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