Feb 21, 2010

from page 81

the days above freezing have melted quite alot of the snow. 
the ground is still too frozen to absorb it, so we are in mud.
thus i looked carefully before stepping out of the car.
the truck-stop parking lot was full as usual. 
my eye was drawn to a small bright blue button there on the ground between the passenger side of our car and the driver's side of a large SUV. 
something in my Nature urged me to pick it up, but my Nurture talked me out of it.
i put my boot down in the wetness, then noticed another button.
once made aware of them, i saw 3 more.
five small bright blue buttons in the mud. 
it was like finding a scrap torn from a book (page 81) that said only "...she realized when all five blue buttons had fallen into the mud, someone might see them there and  ..."

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