Feb 18, 2010


i love the smell of pizza.
is it the perfect food?
contains every food group, and belongs to the round.
the round group of donuts, grapes, chocolate chip cookies, swedish meatballs,...a wonderful group!

all the lunchtime diners in pizza chef are men.
large men.  with their winter jackets on.
no wait.  in that booth, the white haired people sunk into their down jackets, eating pizza.
a couple? male and female. so completely overlookable.
what are they doing eating lunch in pizza chef on a weekday?

my eyes blur as i watch them until, omg! her hair is a smooth brown pony tail and her smile is bright red lipstick!
her sweater is buttoned up the back, and, honest-to-god, a poodle skirt??
and he -- whoa, a hunk in a t-shirt, sleeve rolled up to hold a softpack, hair combed back like a young elvis. is it the same couple?
she grins at him, her toe taps his foot under the table, in time to -- where'd that music come from? -- "gonna make a chain of paper clips, and chain us together as i kiss your lips..."

what a strange vision.

POP! it's gone. and there are two old whitehaired people hunkered in their down jackets sitting in a booth eating pizza. her toe is tapping on his foot under the table...and LOL see them grin at each other?

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