Jan 25, 2015

Mike in November

nov 27 2014

doing tonglen for mike this morning.  brought up some questions about what we want from a friend, and will we still be their friend when that is gone?  then thinking of Mike as a teacher, what do we want from a teacher ? made me think of chogyam trungpa taking off his robes...wearing a suit...he was then rejected as a teacher by both students and friends.  How did some of his followers and friends make the switch?  and when he lost use of one side of his body, how did some people continue to be his friend and student?
i thought of Mike, and what I just read about the perfect situation for a writer and scholar being prison. 
and i thought about 5 telling me how z got a new massage client who remarked it was the first time she'd had a quiet (non-talking) massage....and she keeps coming back.
mike is still our teacher if we can learn.

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