Jan 9, 2015

farewell to second life (for now? forever?)

little by little Second Life and First Life conspired to bring me out of the virtual world.  complications with SL's software quirks brought down TSMGO, The Show Must Go On, and i couldn't find anything as fun.  i quit working, so my scheduled changed.  the people i knew and loved dropped out of SL as their lives changed.  Osprey died.  yet i kept my land for lucy and mudpie, kept premium membership, my homes. the software changed again and changed again and mesh came in and who knows what now.  i finally this year dropped my premium status gave up my land and homes, and at my new house in First Life , out in the wilds, the internet is sooooo slow it is hardly worth peeking in now and then. so i'm cutting the cord. 

when i log in for some reason now, i am like Rip van Winkle.  everyone is a stranger, nobody from before is around.  i am wearing out of date clothing, out of date body in fact!  i've come from the past.

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