Mar 23, 2012

why is this film blank?

we've been wondering if vampires show up on film. 
this wasn't an issue in bram stoker's day, and i don't know if anne rice ever addressed it.  but i was sure google would show me the consensual reality here.
HOWEVER it turns out to be a complicated question!
what kind of camera?  does it rely on a mirror?
-- which leads to the whole problem of vampires and reflections.  it turns out that there are theories on that too -- is it light bending, or is it mind-clouding?  or is it just a myth (LOL), some scientific minded folks say if a vampire is corporeal, it will reflect light and therefore cause reflections.  HAH
then there's digital vs film.
if you want to amuse yourself for say 10 minutes, just google "do vampires show up in pictures."
whatever the TRUE ANSWER is, i will still avoid looking at mirrors at night.

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