Mar 30, 2012

American Tea

she's from London.  just visiting the USA.  
so of course we had the tea conversation.
me: "oh you are right, americans just don't know how to make tea. you can't get a good cup of tea in a restaurant!'
she had her own electric kettle she brought with her to use in her room.
how many times have i had this conversation?
i think i will not have it again.  i hereby declare that there is such a thing as American Tea!
you make it by pouring hot water over a tea bag.
we are busy people! we won the war, remember? (otherwise, we'd all have health insurance *ahem*)

she also said something i found very telling.
she is British.
her mother is German.
i said my father's family was German.
she said it is so nice to be in a place where that doesn't matter.

ah, America!

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