Jan 9, 2012

the pond

by the time i got around to taking a walk it was coming on dusk with a brightening moon.
up the hill, around the block, past the small mill pond, then down dark backstreet where coming towards me were 3 burly young men -- big boys really -- with blades and sticks! 
heading for the mill pond...  hockey sticks and ice skates.
yes boys still skate on mill ponds.
a good winter for it this year, very little snow so they don't have to clear 2 feet of the stuff off the ice.
on my way back, they are bearishly hockeying around their net at one end of the pond and at the other end a daddy is helping a tiny girl on tiny skates, while mom with baby on back photographs the scene. such a patient dad...whatever happened to "put a pillow in their pants and give them a shove?"
i get home before dark, thinking of the amazing time i skated on mulder's pond, round and round in the dark with all the stars blazing overhead.

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