Jan 20, 2012

hood ornaments

one of my neighbors has a new hood ornament on her jeep - the bowler from a bowling trophy!
she told me she got the trophy at the dump -- there's a shed for sharing good stuff you don't want but don't want to throw away.
i was amazed because i also had a bowling trophy i got at the dump years ago!
(it's also where i got the Buddha that sits on my shrine even to this day)
i've had lots of fun with my trophy, sneaking it onto the office shelf with all the awards.
visitors will remark "I see the company has a bowling team!" to the confusion of whoever they've come to meet with.
but i was ready to give it up, so i gave it to my neighbor to put on her other jeep! 
now she has matching male and female bowlers guiding her way down the road.

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