Jun 16, 2011

the tea room gets a mysterious teapot

I closed my eyes and reached for a tart...I do a random taste test now and then. 

Usually it's pretty quiet here in my tea room, but there was some rattly racket down in the square, getting louder and closer.
I looked down on that side of the building, and along came a bag lady with a cart!  Never saw that before in Cowell!

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She had a sign saying Free Kittens. She looked up at the tea room and beckoned to me.
I'm a sucker for kittens. I sure don't need one, but of course I wanted to see them. Then as I approached her, she rummaged around and brought out a pretty teapot that she set on the table. 

It seemed like she couldn't talk, or chose not to ...she pointed to the tea shop and pointed to the teapot and looked expectant. The kittens were cute, much as I knew I'd better not take one, so I gave her some Linden dollars for the pot, which was quite attractive. I wanted to ask her all about it, but she took off like she had somewhere to go with those $Lindens!

That's when I noticed the design on the pot was not just abstract, it looked like a moth. 
A moth!  That's one of those pre-erase thingees Sal is always on about. I wondered if this was an actual artifact!

I turned to call to the bag lady, but she was out of range. I wasn't going to run after her!
Curious now, I turned the pot round, and discovered a crack in the bottom. Not only a crack, but ...more moth designs! Very clear this time. 

Wow I will have to ask Sal about this.
Too bad about the crack tho. 

Since it was so pretty, I decided to keep it out for customers to see until I could let Sal have a look at it. He probably knows who the old biddy is, too, and we can ask her where she got it.
Stop by for a look, and some free pastries and tea.  

But come by the tea room before I submit the pot to Sal's ArcheoExpo2011 to see if it came from the ancient Moth People. The expo is June 25. Don't miss it!

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