Oct 9, 2010

robots vent their feelings - not!

Well they fooled me - i thought it had to do with robots!

Word of the Day for Saturday, October 9, 2010

roborant \ROB-uh-ruhnt\, adjective:

1. Strengthening; restoring vigor.

1. A strengthening medicine; a tonic; a restorative.

    A major field study of the effect of pollen extracts on the common cold and its roborant . . . effects in 775 Swedish military recruits did not give unequivocal results in relation to the prophylactic effect of the preparation used against the common cold.
    -- James P. Carter, Racketeering in Medicine

    That day, I felt the need of a roborant after my ghost-ridden night, and I swigged down two doses.
    -- William Least Heat Moon, River Horse

Roborant derives from the present participle of Latin roborare, "to strengthen," from robur, roboris, "strength."