Oct 2, 2010

our animal friends

 fussby continues to misbehave, chasing the chickens, pushing his ball behind the neighbor's banlines, escaping under or around the fence and getting stuck in a ditch somewhere.  mudpie and lucy try to keep tabs on him and tubeguy checks on him too but he's a free-spirit!  every time he gets borked and i have to delete him and rezz a new copy, i feel strangely sad and ponder life death the universe and everything else.
mudpie and lucy confer
in RL, as it is called, we are almost a year without a cat. i have fussby which is strange but okay, however john is alarmingly making pets of the backyard wildlife. he frequently talks to the neighbor's dogs - not so unusual - and i have often heard him talking to our resident chipmunk (s?). the possum we plan to capture and re-locate is also becoming his friend, and last night he had a conversation with a large skunk passing through our back porch on its rounds. time to get another cat!? or maybe even .... a dog?


  1. if it's any consolation, we regularly speak with the animals that pass through our territory as well ... squirrels, skunks, raccoons, possums, many wild qats (free range domestic and semi-feral), several breeds of blue jay, the occasional dog or coyote ... you have a possum? thought that was an urban or west coast phenomenon (Okefenokee notwithstanding)

  2. Wait a minute ...

    So what you're saying is, you think it's better to talk to a virtual qat than to a real-life Wyld Animal?

  3. umm - i thought possums were southern - i think they are new around here. you do raise some interesting questions - what IS and what IS NOT appropriate to talk to. last week in Brattleboro i saw a woman walking up the sidewalk talking to either herself or nobody i could see. (she was not wearing a bluetooth device). she then stopped at a sandwich board outside a store and had an animated, even heated, discussion with or at it, bordering on violence it appeared, but she decided to move on and let it be. i try to stay away from people who do that -- they make me very uncomfortable and seem to like me, too.

  4. I first encountered possums in Seattle.

    Those sorts of people seem to like me, too. A gentleman stopped at our outdoor table the other morning (we were brunching with Tommy Santee Klaws and his wife Donna) to emphasize that his name was Moe ("My name is MOE!!") and something about a taco truck and a .38 and that his name was Moe, still or again ("My name is MOE!!")

    Uh ... Look-out!