Sep 19, 2010

who let you in my dream? was i in yours?

i dreamed
there were small rooms many boxes
piled everywhere lots of people
much activity
new michael
sang without stop
all bob dylan songs
he knew all the lyrics perfectly
i said to him
we share a gene
for remembering lyrics
he smiled enigmatically

a delivery man came in
tall wild haired it was duane carleton
brought many more boxes
he and new michael
hugged and thumped
in masculine affection
and it was then i realized
they belonged to the same cult
each member had to learn
some important body of knowlege
to save it from
the destruction to come

new micheal's job
was to learn all bob dylan songs
in my dream
i knew the name
of their organization
now awake
i invoke google
it gives me a site that sells rubber chickens
which i have been needing
since our kitchen remodeling
when my old one got thrown out

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