Sep 22, 2010


"mommy, jesus told me not to use the downstairs bathroom. there's something bad in there" said 5 year old -- let's call her 'joy.'
they are visiting my house for xmas: joy, her mom, her mom's sister with her hubby my brother and their baby.
joy's mother reassured her that she herself sat in the downstairs bathroom each morning and read her bible, and it was a perfectly ok place.
but either to allay the child's concerns, or their own, i don't know which, it was decided to hold an exorcismic sort of gathering that evening.
when the time came, my hubby went off to bed grumpily and the rest of us sat down in a circle in the living room.
then reassuring prayers and praise were offered up to a loving god, and angels were set over the house to guard it. it seems to me the angels were very tall - 60 feet? or am i confusing it with a movie i saw.
all of this happened years ago, but many times i have thought of those angels i don't believe in and of how comforting it is to have them there, and how happy and trouble free we have been in this place.
the little girl, grown now into a woman, was killed last week in a car crash somewhere down south.
i am so sad.

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