Jun 15, 2010


what's that?
some kids.
oh it sounded like music.
it is -- they are singing.
yes two girls going down back street.

my mouth and eyes open round in astonishment
i thought that went out with hula hoops!
my friends and i used to sing all the time
walking all over town
even in college walking to get our mail we'd sing.

we did too -- even guys did
we sang top 40's songs
walking around, boys and girls,
or in the gym.

we sang on the playground too
do kids still do that?


why did they stop?


  1. I always sang everywhere, too, and danced - but my pater did as well so it seemed normal. I can't do either now because of the ms, and I miss them.
    I ALWAYS had a schoolbus ride of hours, and years ago thought they should have used that time to teach songs. I bet volunteers would step up.

    The songs we knew as children seemed mostly to be Christmas carols, skipping songs, songs learnt at school, songs parents and siblings taught, and songs from the radio. Do children today have the same or different sources of songs?

  2. oh i forgot we sang on the playground too when i was in grade school, and yes on the school bus!