Oct 7, 2009

praise be to fill-in-the-blank

vermont in october (not my photo)

there are just a few times i ever wish to believe in a god.
when my child was out late in bad weather, lost, in trouble or sick, i wanted some super power who could help where i was helpless.
more often it happens on days like today when the beauty of the world is almost unbearable and i am bursting with praise and gratitude to be offered up.
yesterday the hills were a vast choir of voices of color singing their hearts out, and then at 5 pm a rainbow appeared above it all!
this morning was grey and rainy which only made the red maples among the yellow and purple trees blaze like neon.
and don't get me started on snow, the most wonderful amazing undeserved gift of joy and beauty, always different, always glorious.
ok i admit it, i sometimes pray and praise a god i don't believe in and have no ability even to conceptualize.
one of my secret vices...singing hymns and gospel music...i love it!
praise be for hymns and gospel music by people with a totally different explanation of it all but the same wish to express their heartfelt experience of joy and beauty.

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