Oct 5, 2009

my trip and a business opportunity

10 days 5 cities 6 airports and many friends later: new hampshire to boston to seattle to san francisco and drive down the coastal road to los angeles then back to burlington vt via pittsburgh! what fun! i loved it all!

idea someone can use -- i will never act on it, but someone should! usually when i come up with a great idea someone's beat me to it anyway...like 'baseball' style cards with serial killers, or even a starter kit and handbook for s.k.

new idea:
peel and stick lettering for anonymous blackmail letters.
do you think this exists?
don't you hate it when you have to cut out all those letters, and the black stuff from the magazine gets on your hands plus what kind of glue is best, anyway?
maybe a starter kit and then sell refills and new sheets of most-used letters.


  1. Maybe common words too

    "money" "kill" "fingers" "envelope" "police" "alone" "alive"

  2. sounds too easy. maybe part of the word, like everything but the 'e's and then use different E