Jul 12, 2013

trying out firestorm

taking firestorm out for a test drive -- toady's class sounded like a good way to do it!  
and it was a fun class, lots of tinies there, making a little spaceship that follows you around.
not only that, but another tiny can sit on it and have a ride!

everything in firestorm was right where i looked for it, so they really did make it like phoenix.  it was fun to be back in one of toady's classes.  she is amazingly good at working with a bunch of exuberant unruly tinies!
toady looks scary but she's a good teacher!!

we play with our spaceships after they're all done

i do get the feeling that firestorm's perspective is a little strange -- everything looks further away sooner if that makes any sense.  maybe it's a setting somewhere. i'd like my view to be flattened in a bit, less depth.

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